Glass door hinges are installed at the top and bottom of the shower glass door and rotate through the rotating shaft. When the door opens to 90 degrees, it stops. When the door open less than 30 degrees, it can closes automatically. Floor hinge can make the door open to 180 degrees, using special material lubricants, there no wear on the metal shaft, no sound on the switch, reasonable force on the hinge, only bear downward pressure.

Shower glass door handle set are the most commonly used of hardware accessories, which are used in various doors and windows, glass door and wooden doors. Almost of handle made in Stainless steel 304 materials of SS304 glass door handle. We can also make brass handles and aluminum material if you need.

Glass fixing brackets also called glass holder, glass fixing clamps and fixing clamp. The glass holder can be said to be a fixer,  which is fixed by a screw. The function is to fix the glass, fixing clamp is generally be suitable for 8-12 mm tempered glass.

Bathroom wheel are bathroom door accessories, which are made of stainless steel. It can also be divided into the wheel for round and square tubes. Buy shower wheels sliding door from Reliable shower wheels sliding door suppliers, Please see more information about our shower wheels sliding door on our website.

Link rod accessories are used on the top of round and square pipes. Generally, there are two kinds of connecting rod fittings, one is square pipe fittings, the other is round pipe fittings. We also have the guide holder, the hardware all fits shower enclosure.

With the improvement of people’s living standard, more and more people be interested in sliding glass door shower enclosure and bathroom door accessories, because it conforms to the aesthetics of modern life. The shower enclosure can be divided into separate the space.  Installing shower rooms can create a relatively independent bathing space, avoid mutual influence and facilitate in the daily life.