What’s The Best Type Of Shower Door Handles?

An important detail to complete a shower design whether is it an hotel, an apartment or a house is the shower door handles. It’s an important aspect that should be taken in consideration because if the wrong style is chosen it will damaged the entire flow of the bathroom. This is especially important for hotels, as its reputation depends on how visually aesthetically and functional their amenities are.

It will cause a big problem but it’s not something hard to solve as there are many door handle manufacturers online that have in stock plenty of designs and styles to look before a purchase. Although, this may be a problem as well as it can become overwhelming and make the possible buyer indecisive which could let them to make the wrong choice because of the lack of knowledge. So, there are somethings to know, the two main options for a shower door are either handles or knobs. But which one works the best and is more comfortable to use? Which is the one recommended and why?



The first thing that should be taken in consideration when deciding whether a handle or a knob is better for the shower door, is how is this opened, because if it’s a sliding door or a pivot or hinged door some products will work best. For example, for a sliding glass shower doors the best option is a door handle because of the way the door works, any other option would just be uncomfortable to the hand and not ergonomic and comfortable to use. On the other hand pivot or hinged doors can work with either a knob or a handle as the way the door works allow either option to be used.

Another important fact to notice is to make sure who is going to be using the shower, to better accommodate the products to the most common user to try and achieve the most satisfactory rate. In hotels, this may be a harder investigation as the public that attends hotels range from different ages, but this may be able to be put in action in a private apartment and homes. For older people who have slower moments and fragile hands a handle would be best as it’s not bulky and hard to grasp as a knob might be, as well, as for people with arthritis.


With all this taken in mind, it is time to search for a supplier, and a great option is Ze Yu, which is a glass door handle supplier and manufacturer, which prides themselves on offering competitive prices and professional service regarding glass door handles.

They offer various styles and sizes available, so there are various options to choose from and don’t get stuck with the standard c-pull handle. Handles should be beautiful while being functional and this is why Ze Yu provides 8 different handle shapes, as their mirror door handles with 16 available finishes. Their product are stainless steel shower door handles and possess CE and European standard certification.

Carson Yao (sales manager)