What options are available for replacing old door hinge?

Knowing the different hinge hardware types could make a huge impact on your home! There are many different types of door hinges available and knowing how they function will change how you use your door. Whether it’s an exterior door, interior door, cabinet door or something else, you have a variety of options with your hinges. There are some made for specific door styles while others are all-encompassing. As a door hinge importer, today we’re going to introduce you some types of hinges available for replacing old door hinge, such as glass door hinges heavy duty.

Butt Hinge

One of the most common door hinges is the butt hinge. Butt hinges are composed of two identical leaves – one that’s attached to the moving component and the other on the fixed component. The aluminum hinges are attached by a curled barrel, also known as the knuckle, which allows the door to open.

One of the major reasons they’re common for entry doors is because they’re designed to support a lot of weight. Many steel, wood and fiberglass doors can be heavy which can damage weaker hinges. However, butt hinges won’t buckle under the weight.

Flush Hinge

Another common hinge style is the flush hinge. They’re designed to take up as little space as possible. They do this by having one leaf nestled into the other when your door is closed. While they can’t hold as much weight as the butt hinge due to their design, they’re still durable.

Ball Bearing Hinge

While door hinges do wear down over time, some naturally last longer than others. One of the most durable doors hinges styles is the ball bearing hinge. They’re built for heavier and wider doors. The ball bearing is placed between two knuckles to reduce friction which wears down your hinges. Entry doors see the most traffic so it only makes sense that the hinges face the most friction. Another benefit of ball bearing hinges is that they’re permanently lubricated. This allows the door to open and close easier and smoother – also helping reduce the amount of friction.

Case Hinge

Case hinges are very similar to butt hinges which is why they’re perfect for a front door. The only real difference is that they have a more decorative design which will help improve your home’s curb appeal. Another benefit of case hinges is that they come in many different shapes and sizes. Exterior doors aren’t the only place you’ll find these hinges – they can even be used for suitcases or briefcases.

Except for the above door hinge, there are other hinges for you to choose, like door self closing hinges, glass shower door hinges, glass to glass shower door hinges, shower door pivot hinges, stainless steel glass door hinges and so on. If you plan to buy them, you can consult us, we will give you the best service.


Carson Yao (sales manager)