What Is The Best Material Of Hardware For Your Bathroom

In china, Thousands of hardware factories do hinges, clamp clips or handles for shower room doors. but the main materials for hardware are so few to choose: brass, stainless steel,zink aloy,steel,just these. So how to choose the best material for your frameless shower doors.


We know that if you could, you’d design the bathroom of your dreams and spare no expense. This would carry all the way down to the most lavish, beautiful fixtures money can buy. Unfortunately, this isn’t always feasible. More so than design and resilience, cost has a tendency to drive certain decisions when it comes to choosing bathroom hardware for your semi frameless shower door or frameless sliding shower doors


That isn’t to say that you can’t find bathroom hardware materials that are beautiful and inexpensive.yes you can. brass can often be quite affordable and easy to find, while stainless steel can offer great performance for a very attractive price, especially SUS304 stainless steel.very good choice if you want to buy some not expensive replacement parts for your frameless shower doors

So let’s talk about of these stuff. Different metal finishes each have their own unique advantages when it comes to resilience, cost, and design of the bathroom hardware. Brass, steel, zinc, and stainless steel are all options for bathroom hardware body materials.


1: Brass.

This is my favor. Brass is a very good choice for bathroom hardware, as all-brass hardwares can last for many years. They’re also unlikely to corrode. So, it’s often worth paying a little extra for forged brass bathroom hinges or clamps, they can let your shower door keep steady going in her service life. Except that. Brass is soft than steel so easy to cast. On the market you can see so many complex shape hardewares and not cheap. No doubt.that is brass.in china. Most factory do high quality hardware products, the most material they use is brass not steel(hard to cost), not zink aloy(easy broken).so i say, brass is my best choice if i want to replace some spare parts for my shower glass door.


2: Stainless steel.

I should accept. If you don’t want to pay too much and want your hardware like hinges work for a long time. Stainless steel must be a choose. On the market.stainless steel is the best option for some cheaper hardwares. However, we all know, cheap metal are likely to rust, and stainless steal hardwares usually won’t last any longer than a good brass model one. And, since good quality stainless steel is typically a little more expensive. Even more than brass, So sometimes stainless steel won’t be worthwhile in comparison to a brass one.especially on some complex shape things like faucet but for brackets or some handle. Don’t worry. Stainless steel is the best choose. There is no doubt that. The reason is stainless steel is hard than brass so do some simple shape is better than brass.


3: Zinc and zinc alloys.

Among the cheapest hardwaers are those made of zinc and zinc alloys. These are also the least durable of metal faucets. Easy broken,and with a short service life time. But some customer like that. Do you know why? Cheap of course.zinc is soft so easy to cast. But don’t buy that. My highly recommended.


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Carson Yao (sales manager)