Things To Consider When Choosing Mirror Door Handles For Bathroom

Nowadays, mirror door handles have gained much popularity. Keeping in view their fame, many shower handles manufacturers and door handle manufacturers have started selling mirror door handles. It is important to keep a few things in mind when choosing the door locks and handles such as their appearance, material, ease of installation and use, security, and of course quality. If you are looking for reliable door locks and handles, then do consider the following things before taking any final decision.

1. Type of door handle

First, you have to check the type of door handle. It’s because humidity is the biggest enemy of handles so you must be careful in choosing the right type of door handle. For example, stainless steel mirror door handles can prevent corrosion while bronze handles don’t rust.

2. The finish and style

The finish and style of door handles can add great value to your bathroom. Select the mirror door handles that match the style of your bathroom. Here it must be kept in mind that doors hardware are sold in various finishes, so there will be a lot of options for you. Do consider its material, finish, and color before picking a door handle.

3. Type of interior handle

People do consider the usage of door when choosing the door knobs. Like some individuals prefer door levers while others like door knobs. If you have elderly or disabled members at home, then door levers can be a great choice as they are easy to open.

4. Shape of handle

Door handles are commonly available in three shapes i.e. rounded shape, handleset, and lever knob. Each of these shapes has its own features and advantages. For example, rounded shape handles are easy to install but require a little force to operate it. On the other hand, a lever knob is not just simple to install but also easy to lock/unlock.

5. The lockset

It is important to decide what kind of security you need so that you can choose highly-secure mirror door handles. Different kinds of door locks have different functions and construct. For example, mortise locksets entail the working for a deadbolt whereas the cylindrical locksets don’t have it. On the other hand, double door handles don’t require any locks as its two-sided handles are used to pull or push the doors to lock/unlock.

Which is the best double side door handle?

These days, the majority of the door handle manufacturers and shower handles manufacturers have started manufacturing double side door handles that’s why it is difficult to choose the best product among them. So, we decided to help you by sharing with you the details of Double Side Door Pull Handle With Bathroom Shower Handle D07. It is a cup-shaped double side door handle that is manufactured with stainless steel/brass.

This product has a 6(1/4″)-12(1/2″)mm glass thickness and is also certified with European and CE standard. You can get these mirror door handles in several finishes such as C-chrome, NB-nickel brushed, RG-rose gold, TG-titanium golden, TB-titanium black, and many more. This product can easily be purchased online through Foshan Nanhai Ze Yu Decorative Hardware Products Co., Ltd., which is renowned as the No.1 shower handles manufacturer.

Carson Yao (sales manager)