The products quality of control case-Foshan Nan Zeyu Decorative Hardware Co.,Ltd

Theme: The quality of control case

1. Content: customers complain that some products are poor electroplating.

2. Analysis the reason: According to our preliminary analysis the related technical personnel in poor surface may be a little part of the product due to the polishing process is not good in place.Another reason is that electroplating product inspection missing a small parts. When the product is electroplated, the electroplating thickness and product layer is not enough, which leads to this phenomenon.

3. The inspection of the electroplating products is not in place, may be omitted a few of product.


Corrective and preventive measures:

1. For the polishing products such as bathroom accessories, IPQC will follow up the inspection step by step.They would requirements the surface no burrs on the edges. We must polish and remove the oxide skin as required, ensure the smooth surface of the products.

2. Electroplating products must be strictly checked by QC inspection, especially return of the electroplating.

3. When assembling the product, we must strictly carry out the three inspection system of first inspection, inspection and final inspection,meanwhile,require employees to conduct self-test,and pick out the bad quality products,ensure the final product quality meets customer requirements.


Carson Yao (sales manager)