Selection And Purchasing Skills Of Glass Door Handles

SS304 glass door handle is a hardware accessory that can not be ignored. If a small handle is not well selection, it will looks not good decoration and looks not beautiful. There are many seemingly the same glass door hand in the market, but the prices are far from the same. How should we distinguish the quality of glass door handles and how to select the appropriate hardware handles?

1.Look at the appearance of the hand

First of all, check the color and protective film of the handle, whether there is damage or scratch, and judge the quality of the handle. First, study the surface treatment. Good sanding handle should be relatively dim in color. The partition line of semi-sand in the place where the light and sanding intersect should be straight. If it is bent, it must be inferior. A good sanding handle should be a reflection of color such as mirror, There without slight defect.

2.How do you feel when you touch?

The good handle should be very comfortable if you touch, So when choosing to buy, you can try to feel how’s you feeling. To see whether the surface treatment is smooth, a good handle edge should be smoothed, there will be no phenomenon of tied and cut hands.

3. Look at the area around of screw hole

When you choose the handle, you need to pay attention to a point, the best choice around the screw hole area larger handle. Because the smaller the area around the handle screw hole, the more precise the handle hole on the board is required. Otherwise, a slight deviation will lead to the exposure of the handle hole. Therefore, in order to prevent this situation, it is necessary to pay attention to check whether the area around the screw hole is too small when you purchasing.

4. Listen to the sound of handle

Some unethical manufacturers in the market, Stealing raw materials, canned cement or welded iron or sand in the handle pipe, give a heavy feeling of cheating consumers. Differentiating inferior handle can be distinguished from the sound. A hard hand taps the handle gently. The sound of thick handle should be more crisp, while the sound of thin handle is more dull.

5. Choose the handle with brand Certificate

Famous brand, quality is superior. Therefore, when choosing and purchasing, it is better to choose brand products with good reputation. In addition, in the current building materials market, high-end door handle is mostly imported, imported handle is usually more design, good texture, and relatively expensive. If you choose the import handle, you can ask to see the import certificate documents of the products, in order to avoid the merchants mingling.

Carson Yao (sales manager)