Pivot Shower Doors With Self-Closing Hinges

Bathrooms showers have seen a few innovations over the few decades, in relations to the cubicles and washing enclosures, such as the wet-room, steam cabins, but still for the most part, their design and main function have mainly stayed the same. In recent years, this has changed as there have been new designs introduced to the market, as it is with the pivot shower doors, which can be doors with door self closing hinges.

This new and innovative design, makes the installing and replacing of old shower doors even more difficult. This tasks becomes even harder as there are more options to choose from, as some online companies even offer custom shower door pivot hinges. When shopping for new shower doors, it obvious there are many different style choices available, and one of them are different types of shower door hinges.

A pivot shower door is a swinging door that, as the name suggests, has a pivot hinge allowing the door to be open in either direction. Showers doors with  pivot hinges are able to swing 180° so they can be open towards the inside or outside of a shower.

The pivot hinge can be attached on one side of the door, or even to be center-mounted to create a true revolving shower door. This hinge type is able to accomplish this  as they are secured from the top to the bottom and allows the door to spin while remaining in place, which differentiates them from regular side hinge doors. Only most pivot-hinged shower doors that are mounted from top-to-bottom, at the corners of the door, make the door able to swing 180 degrees in each direction.

But, pivot doors are not only innovative and not widely seen but at the same time they are functional, as they are able to be accommodated in corner showers. A plus is that they are available in many different sizes which makes them extremely versatile. So this type of door hinge changes both the look and functionality of the shower, for good.

There are some pros to also be taken in consideration if the ones listed above are not enough to convince oneself.

  •  Pivot hinges are most of the time attached at the far corners of the door, which creates an uninterrupted frameless view.
  •  Pivot hinges that mount floor-to-ceiling are able to reduce the cost of glass fabrication.
  •  Pivot hinge doors carry the weight at the bottom of the door, and are thus very stabilized.

In conclusion, pivot hinges on top of the benefits and practicality added, they bring an ultra-modern style, which is the future in design in comparison to be commonly typical hinged doors, which are a glass panel that opens by swinging in one direction on pivoting hinges.

There are many online suppliers and a great option is the company Ze Yu that specializes in the manufacturing of bathroom accessories and glass shower doors hardware.Their pivot door hinges differentiate from other on the market as they close automatically within 30 degree and there are 16 different available finishes for the hinges.

Carson Yao (sales manager)