Most Common Types Of Door Hinges

One of the most important hardware inside your house can be a (90) degree door self closing hinges. They allow doors to be able to pivot on a single edge as they close or open. You might want to install them in virtually all the doors inside your home. You can install them on the door of your medicine cabinets, your main entry door, bedroom doors, or to your outside fences. Hinges are also very helpful when it comes to decorative containers, storage chests, and ornamental boxes.

There are a lot of hinges available nowadays and their uses vary. Some are designed to hold the heavyweights of metal doors. Glass to glass hinges is designed for glass doors inside the bathroom or the door to your patio. Some of the most common types of hinges you can find are the following:

Butt Hinges

These are the most common types that you can find in almost every home. You can find them installed on the doors of cabinets, passage doors, as well as the main entrance door. The hinges have plates that resemble that of a leaf and they are usually hidden between the frame and the door especially if the door is closed. This type is more commonly known as the mortise hinge in the hardware industry. This is because the two plates look like they are cut from mortises when you look at them from the door jamb and from the door’s edge.

Euro Style Hinges

This is a kind of a pivot hinge where the overlay doors are hidden entirely. Some of the styles show a plate that mortises a recess in the door. The hinge’s half can be mounted to a cabinet’s side wall. When you close the doors containing the euro style hinge, the mechanism that contains the pivot can fit inside the mortise perfectly. This will allow the door to flush perfectly with the frame of the cabinet

Pivot Hinges

There are others such as the pivot hinge that is commonly found on the overlay of cabinet doors. The arm of the hinge can be found mounted on the door’s frame while the other can be found in the cabinet’s surface. The single pivot mechanism is the one that allows the hinges to close and open seamlessly. The hinges are usually installed at the main door’s bottom and they are sold in pairs. You can get other types of hinges such as lifting glass hinge, piano hinges, barrel hinges, and a lot more. Here is a sample product that you might want to consider:

Professional Design Light Duty Glass Door Hinge H1163

This type of hinge has a square corner, can weigh up to a pound, and it is made from brass. The model number is H163 and the dimensions can depend on your specifications. This is perfect for glass doors inside the bathroom.  You can get more product information from companies such as Ze Yu. They can also provide any additional accessories that you are looking for.

Carson Yao (sales manager)