How To Look For The Perfect Shower Glass Door?

It is a safe bet to say that everyone once in their life have wondered what would make glass shower doors located in bathrooms break. Bumping into it? Hitting it on accident? Although it’s an unlikely and very rare thing for it to break, the possibility of it happening it’s a very recurring and unpleasant thought. This shouldn’t be a concern for home owners that have installed on their homes very high quality glass shower doors. But how to look for the right one? Check the list below for some tips on how to look for the perfect shower glass door for any bathroom.

1. Trustworthy manufactures

It should all begging with finding a top-rater seller. It should be a company that is specialized in manufacturing and distributing shower accessories. Nowadays the list that can be found online is a very long one, so it’s important for people looking for frameless sliding shower doors sellers to make a very in-depth research.

For example the company Foshan Nanhai Ze Yu Decorative Hardware Products Co.,Ltd., or Ze Yu for short, is a company that is considered to be one of top China’s shower accessories suppliers. They have been in the market since 2002 and on their page they are proud to enlist all their advantages as a company, one of them being related to the materials they use, stating: “(One material advantage is the…) national standard brass and stainless steel (that they use)…”

Their concern for user safety is very important, as well as selling products that will last for a long time. For example they have a 5 year guaranty that the copper material chrome and stainless steel used in their products won’t rust with constant use. And the most important feature is that on their webpage they have listed all their certificates and honors, which show that they are real and produce high quality products.

2. Good Care Of The Products

After finding the perfect company to buy the product from consider the following safety measures to ensure that the shower glass door installed last longer:

  • Make sure corner protectors remain on the glass during installation.
  • Ceramic tile, stone, metal or concrete should never have any direct contact with the glass.
  • Constantly check that the hardware is tightened.
  • Avoid at all times slamming the doors.
  • Never put extra weight on the knobs or the glass: like towels or wet clothes.

If the above precautions are followed the glass shower door installed should not present any problem and should last a long time. This tips given are to ensure tranquility and safety to any home owners as it will mean that family and guests will be safe during their showers. Just like the windshield of a car, the glass in your shower door should be acquired from a trusted manufacturer. A company that has as its mission that the glass is created with safety in mind as a priority.

Carson Yao (sales manager)