How To Effectively Prevent Glass Shower Room Explosion

The shower room manufacturer has already reached a considerable scale, but there are still shortcomings. For example, the tempered glass of the shower room may burst. In the event of an accident, many businesses responded with an explosion rate of three thousandths. What should I pay attention to when using the shower room?

1. Slowly increase the water temperature to effectively reduce the chance of explosion. The interior of the shower room is a confined space. When the high temperature and high pressure accumulate to a certain extent, pressure will be formed on the glass panel, resulting in uneven heating of the glass, which may easily lead to self-explosion of the tempered glass. Therefore, it is highly recommended not to suddenly use an overheated water shower.

2. Avoid collisions, try to gently open and close slowly. Tempered glass has the characteristics of relatively high strength, but it is more afraid of sharp things than ordinary glass. If it is subjected to a strong collision, it may cause an overall burst.

3. Use laminated glass to eradicate the danger of glass explosion. Laminated glass, two or more glass intermediate clips tough PVB film. Since the film of the intermediate layer is tough and has strong adhesion, it is not easily broken down after being damaged by impact. The glass fragments do not fall off and are tightly bonded to the film, so the safety performance is very high. Laminated glass has been widely used in automobile windows, security doors and windows, bank doors and windows for its goodness.

Carson Yao (sales manager)