How to choose a shower enclosure for your bathroom ?

A shower enclosure is necessary for all family . So ZEYU lists below points, hope that would help you to find out the most suitable shower enclosure for your dream bathroom.


Providing an experience that’s as decadent as a long soak in a hot bath, walk-in shower enclosures are for people who take their showering seriously. A walk-in shower unit takes up the same space as a bath and has no doors, allowing for luxurious shower indulgence.

With the large roller design of our contemporary cubicles and minimalist glass panels, you can create a modern feel in your bathroom. Pairing comfort with style, our enclosures incorporate a drying area, so you’ll never have to step out of the shower into cold air again.


A quadrant shower closure brings both luxury and functionality to your bathroom. With glass doors that slide open, a quadrant unit is a space-saving solution that suits the layout of small bathrooms and modern design schemes alike. Whether you’re inspired by clean, minimalist lines, or you want to make the most of your limited layout with a quadrant cubicle that sits easily in the corner, a quadrant shower enclosure could be the answer to your dream bathroom.



Our range of frameless shower enclosures are the ultimate contemporary addition to your bathroom. Simply walk into the liberating environment for a truly refreshing bathing experience. Complete with glass shower panels and doors, it’s a scaled-back design that’s both simplistic and effective in boosting your bathroom to the next level.

Our frameless shower enclosures feature 8mm thick tempered glass panels, the thickest in our range. This sturdy glass is heard-wearing and very resistant to breaking, providing both a quality finish and sleek minimalist design. Combine your frameless shower enclosure with a recessed shower tray or a tile floor to create your own wet room.

Hope above tips work for you. Let’s start to fix up a suitable sliding glass door shower enclosure for your bathroom!


Carson Yao (sales manager)