How can we design the shower room

Bath time is the most relaxing time in a day. It can take a good rest and unload the exhaustion of a whole day. Of course, pleasure is also inseparable from the design of shower room. The shower enclosure products is an indispensable part of the bathroom space, so how to design a shower room?

Shower room design 1,do a good job of wiring

The shower room is not installed what you want,but should do the design in the bathroom decoration,do the wiring in advance,and good protection and avoid buried leakage hazards,endanger their own safety.

Shower room design 2, size selection

When choosing the size of the shower room,we must pay attention to it.We should choose the suitable product with the area and height of your own bathroom.Shower room is too low and too high will bring uncomfortable feeling to people.Generally speaking,the height of shower room is about 2.1 meters.When installing, it needs to add 10 centimeters.At this time, the height of bathroom should be considered when choosing.

Shower room design 3, glass selection

The choice of the glass in the shower is very important,but it does not mean that the thicker the glass is,the better.Generally speaking,the glass used for the open door shower room is large and relatively stable.Therefore, we should choose a glass which is best to be larger than 5 centimeters later,and sector shaped,diamond shaped,square,and other shower rooms choose 5 cm thick glass.


Carson Yao (sales manager)