hat Is A Shower Door Hinges And What Is The Best Option?

The most important part of a shower is the hinges as without them the shower door just wouldn’t be able to function. The hinges have in essence the function-ability of making a door work, as a hinge is a mechanical bearing that connects two parts of a door, for it to be able to have an angle of rotation between them, allowing the door to open and close.

The vast majority of shower doors are made of glass, so the product to be search for the opening and closing are the glass shower door hinges. Taken in mind the entire shower encasing in made out of glass, not just the door but as well the walls, there needs to be a glass to glass hinges. This means hinges that are specially created to be attached onto glass. There are various shower hinge manufacturers online, which is perfect to browse the perfect option to inform the potential buyer of what is a glass shower door hinge and why choose it over any other closing option.

The most common and popular shower material is glass which is a perfect and modern style. This will be able to create a frameless shower door, that is to be made of a single pane and the door is opened out into the room for a clean, modern look, which is able to be achieved with glass to glass hinges. Not only is this type of shower enclosure and door elegant and stylish, but it’s also one of the most durable and structurally strong options.

So the options can be either a glass door or a frameless shower enclosure, both of those designs will bring to a bathroom a clean and modern feel. In regards to the enclosures they can come in various way, as rectangular or hexagonal, depending on the desire and budget of the customer as well as the configuration of a bathroom.

These products are also called swinging or hinge doors, which can be frameless or semi-frameless pivot shower doors that swing open like a traditional door. Even some manufacturers are available to be custom to form a tight seal to hold in steam, creating a spa like environment in a bathroom.

One online manufacturer is Ze Yu which has been the leader supplier in the production of bathroom accessories and glass shower doors hardware with almost 15 years of industry experience. One of their specialty is their strong technology regarding glass hardware, being especially successful with their frameless shower enclosure accessories products.

On their catalog of products there are various type of hinges, even handles and wheels for sliding bathroom doors. For example, their glass door hinges have a lot of great benefits, that should be always taken in consideration to be able to acquire high quality and functional products. On their details it specifies that the hinges are able to swing 90° out and are made out of stainless steel. They have 5 different shaped products and 16 different available finishes to choose from, leaving a lot of option for the customer to choose the best style that adapts to their liking.

Carson Yao (sales manager)