Frame Shower Enclosure And Frameless Shower Enclosure

There are two kinds of structures shower enclosure on market at present, one kind is frame shower enclosure,the other one is frameless shower enclosure.

1. How to distinguish shower enclosure with frame or frameless.

The frame shower enclosure to rely on a wall to secure namely use stainless steel frame or aluminum frame is secured means.Frameless shower enclosure use hardware to fixed, the hardware replaces stainless steel frame or aluminum frame.

2. What are the advantages of framed shower enclosure and frameless shower enclosure?

Frame shower enclosure use the means with fixed frame, it is easy to install,The frame stability is strong, but it looks not quite beautiful.The shower room that does not have a frame use hardware to fix means, when you installation rises a bit more complex than having a frame a bit,the stability also is compared a bit less than having a frame, but the exterior is beautiful.Frameless shower enclosure more in line with the modern style.

3. What is the difference between shower room with frame and shower room without frame?


The external frame is biggest different of the shower room,the frame uses aluminum alloy or plastic material, so must be mindful of the merits of the ball bearing, open the door is lightsome and convenient,and still need to take a closer look at the waterproof glue sealing, excellent situation of the bridging between metal and glass, etc.

The frameless shower enclosure need to notice is,You must choose the design that the integral style photograph according to suitable space, if dimensional position is lesser, you can choose slippery course type and the flat pull door type shower room of hinge type.

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Carson Yao (sales manager)