Everything To Know About Shower Doors And Hinges

Whether a new shower is been added or updated in a house or hotel, there are various crucial decisions that have to occur, one of them is choosing what type of doors to buy and what hinges work perfect with it. While this choice may seem easy it is quite complicated because of the amount of different products offered online. For example, regarding hinges there are: wall mount hinge, stainless steel glass door hinges, glass to glass shower door hinges, to name some of them, each of them will work for a type of door.

To start buying products there are some facts needed, like the exact dimensions of your shower space, how much room there is between the shower and other units, how much time you want to invest in daily cleanup and on personal opinions and budget fixed.

Firstly, it’s important to understand: What is a frameless shower enclosure? Why does everyone seem to want one and why are hinges important?

A “frameless” shower enclosure uses sturdy tempered glass that does not require the support of metal on its exterior edges, which provides a modern-looking option. The result is a clean-lined, chick look that is free of visual obstructions.

This might be an expensive option for some buyers, but it’s important to know there are  various shower door options available online in a range of prices. If there is not much budget or the customer wants another model there are a lot of framed models, which are cheaper while still being aesthetically pleasing.


Even though when “frameless doors” are said it means that there is only glass to be seen but in reality they generally do include some metal. Frameless units can be in essence metal-free, excepting for clips on any stationary panels, hinges, and handles, which job is to make sure the shower glass panels don’t fall apart.

A frameless shower generally costs twice as much as a basic, metal-enclosed model, but there are around 7 styles for shower door options, like: bi-fold shower doors, pivoting door, sliding doors, just to name a few.


The hinges, as it was mention, are the most important part of the shower and there are a large range of hinges, like: glass to glass hinges or spring shower hinges, some will work better on some shower door options in comparison to others.


The company Ze Yu, which was founded in 2002, is a private enterprise which specializes in production and sales of bathroom products. For many years of industry experience and strong technology, their product shower door hinges, handles, wheels for sliding shower doors, among others. All their products are very modern and has different available finishes and shapes for the customer to choose from.

Most of their hinges and handles come in different shapes and over 16 available finishes, this is perfect for customers that have a clear idea of design for their bathroom, whether is in a hotel or a private h

Carson Yao (sales manager)