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A hinge is a kind of a mechanical accessory that can be found on your doors. These hinges are typically connected with a knuckle that allows rotation without any problems. You might see stainless steel glass door hinges that secure your front door.

A hinge is only free on one side. The other is attached to a side that does not move. This flexibility can be compared to the movement of the arm. There are door self closing hinges that can automatically shut the door whenever you leave the room. This is the case for rooms who have air conditioners or for private rooms. There are different types of door hinges that you should know about. Here are some of them:

Types of Door Hinges

The Spring Hinge – This is a kind of hinge with a spring that is attached to it. This can aid in automatically closing the door. The force can be strong enough for the hinges to keep the door from opening long.

Pivot Hinges – You can find these on glass shower door hinges most of the time. There are pivot hinges that can be seen at the top of door frames. They are commonly double-acting types. You can even choose this as a very cost-effective substitute if you are installing doors that are lightweight.

Mortise or Butt Hinges – These hinges are commonly found in many residential houses across the world. The hinges are made of stainless steel that can prevent rust from settling down making them long-lasting. The hinges can also be made of brass to prevent corroding over the long run. The mortised or inserted hinges can also be found in many cabinets.

Case Hinges – These kinds of hinges are very similar to the butt hinges but they have aesthetic value. The decorative nature can be used in many suitcases around the world. This makes these suitcases extra-secure for the owner’s convenience.

Piano Hinges of Continuous Hinges – The piano hinges can be installed on the entire length of the door and frame. They are commonly installed without holes on them. You can choose different knuckle lengths, pin diameters, and different thicknesses when it comes to these piano hinges.

Concealed Hinges – This is commonly found on the doors of most household furniture. The first part is made up of the arm and the hinge cup. The other is called a mounting plate. This is also known as a Euro hinge or a cup hinge because it was first developed in Europe. There are certain installation standards that these hinges meet.

Aside from the hinges mentioned above, there are also butterfly hinges that are more common in old cabinets of the 17th century. There’s also the flag hinges that can turn a full 360-degree, and strap hinges that can be found on many interior cabinets. You can know more by contacting an expert today. Find the right company that can help you choose the right hinge for your home today.

Carson Yao (sales manager)