A Complete Guideline For Wall to Glass Hinges

These days, most of the home owners opt for glass shower doors. Different kinds of hinges can be used to mount these glass doors. Shower hinge manufacturers are very well aware with the demands of clients that’s why they manufacture various types of hinges, including wall to glass hinges, (90 Degree) glass to glass hinges, hera and zeus hinges, etc. So, it would not be wrong to say that home owners have a lot of choice for their glass shower doors. Here in this blog, we will discuss the important features and benefits of using glass to glass and wall to glass hinges.

No doubt, glass doors look fantastic in the shower. But here it must be noted that the glass door needs a lot of care with respect to its installation, support, and usage. So, the very first thing about shower glass doors is their installation that requires a robust mounting. At the present time, the majority of house owners have preferred using wall to glass and glass to glass hinges. It’s because these hinges provide a better support to the glass doors due to their several features.

Glass door hinges are available in various angles such as 90 degree, 180 degree, or 135 degree. Each of these hinges has distinctive features and benefits. For instance, 90-degree wall to glass hinges are designed to help the installation of the glass door to a nearby wall. These hinges are installed close to the wall corner and provides a modern, clean look. 135-degree glass to glass hinges are utilized to mount a fix glass panel which runs at 135-degree angle to door. These hinges have sharp edges that complement the highly-polished glass shower enclosure. 180-degree glass to glass hinges have an attractive design and can well suit your custom shower glass doors.

After discussing each of the three types of glass door hinges. Now, we will discuss the best hinges among them. On the basis of our research and comparison, we came to know that (90 Degree) glass to glass hinges are the best to use for the shower glass doors. We have discovered Door and Window Accessories 8 to 12mm 304 Stainless Steel Door Glass Hinge H123L as the best-selling hinges. These (90 Degree) glass to glass hinges provide self-closing from 30 degree and self-centering 0 degree return. They have an adjustable angle of +/- 10 degree.

You will be glad to know that these hinges are quite easy to install unlike other glass to glass or wall to glass hinges. One of its side is fixed to a nearby wall whereas the other side is fixed on the shower glass door. Here both the glass and wall are at 90 degree to each other. These (90 Degree) glass to glass hinges have CE and EU standard certification. You can buy this product online from Foshan Nanhai Ze Yu Decorative Hardware Products Co, Ltd. Ze Yu is the trustworthy shower hinge manufacturers that deals in various types of glass to glass and wall to glass hinges.

Carson Yao (sales manager)